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As a clinical hypnotherapist I have helped many people change their lives for the better and I can do the same for you. This page contains testimonials from just some of the people who I have helped.

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Bridget Freer Client Testimonials

No one should ever ‘make do’ living a life that is anything other than the absolute best it can be. Everyone deserves to be happy, self confident and successful. I have helped many people change their lives for the better and I can do the same for you.

Here are testimonials from just some of the people I have helped to change their life.

Went to see Bridget as I wanted to give up smoking. Well it has been 5 months now with no smoking and no cravings either. I can honestly  recommend  Bridget as she explains every bit of the process and makes you feel relaxed and safe. A big thank you again Bridget.

If you struggle to motivate yourself and are unhappy with your weight loss progress, then Bridget is highly recommended!

Jeanie, 2022

I came to my first session with Bridget feeling unhappy about how I looked I felt unmotivated and was having a really hard time sticking to a diet or routine for weight loss. I came into this feeling optimistic, but never expected to feel as energised and driven as I do now!

Before, I would break from my eating regime easily and regularly, and find any excuse to miss the gym and working out… now I’m enjoying the time and effort I take to improve myself and my health thanks to the mindset that Bridget’s sessions have helped me be in.

For what you get out of this, it is 100% worth it and it’s amazing how little you actually have to give up to succeed. Now I am feeling well on my way to being the best version of myself possible.

If you struggle to motivate yourself and are unhappy with your weight loss progress, then Bridget is highly recommended!

Henry, 2022

I found myself in a dark place with my weight, munching through endless amounts of good and bad foods. Energy levels were low, emotions high and stress levels through the roof.

All that changed in April 2022 when I read an article in our local village magazine about the virtual gastric band.   Intrigued I read further and this was my turning point .

I contacted Bridget and she made me feel so relaxed and positive from the first phone call to my first visit.  It was the first time that I felt that I could talk about my weight problem without being judged . My journey begun, meeting Bridget, using the tools given by her, has turned that dark place into a very bright happy place.

My confidence, self esteem and eating habits have certainly changed and in June 2020 I am 1 1/2 stone lighter!

Ann, 2022

All my life I’ve tried different ways of losing weight.  Unfortunately I’ve always piled it back on. I’ve been so unhappy during the process and hunger has always gotten the better of me.

Earlier this year my weight just kept increasing and I was becoming more anxious and more unhappy in myself. I did some research and came across Bridget. After my consultation I was eager to get started as Bridget made me feel so comfortable and explained everything thoroughly.

I’ve completed the hypnotherapy sessions and Bridget has been supportive throughout. I listen to my audio daily and follow the steps that soon become second nature.

I have only just started this journey and I’m already 2 stone down. I am calmer in myself and I am much happier. I am not starving or going crazy counting calories because this isn’t a fad diet, it’s a lifestyle change to become a happier and healthier person.

I cannot thank Bridget enough for helping me do this – I feel like my life is just starting!

Jodie, 2022

After struggling with my weight through lockdown and trying a number of different ways to lose weight and failing I started to feel very low about my appearance.

At this point I made contact with Bridget who was friendly and professional from the get go! Bridget discussed the hypnotherapy process with me in depth and we started working together soon after.

I had never done anything like this before so it was all new to me but Bridget offered a wealth of knowledge about hypnotherapy and was genuinely excited and happy for me to be seeing results.

This isn’t any kind of fad diet – it’s a complete lifestyle change and I’m feeling so much more confident already.

I’m super excited to continue my hypnotherapy journey and I can’t thank Bridget enough for her support throughout this!

Aimee, 2022

I’m currently on holiday in Tenerife and I’ve been listening to the recording daily. It’s clearly having an incredibly positive effect on me. Quite often I can’t recall parts of the recording, but I just let it happen as you said to.

However… Yesterday I went to Mt Teide, which is the tallest mountain in Tenerife. You can drive up the first 2000m, but then it’s a 1500m cable car ride to the top. Usually even the thought of doing something like that would preemptively bring on dizziness and sweaty palms. I was absolutely fine. More than fine actually, I was absolutely calm all the way up. I actually enjoyed the view. My children were scared every time we went over of the pylons as it made the cable car rock quite a bit. I was even able to calm them down. My wife and kids had been skeptical about me having hypnosis, but they were blown away how much it’s changed me.

I think it’s had an effect beyond my fear of heights. The positive effects seem to be present everyday. I’m calmer and more positive about things in general now.

You’ve genuinely rewritten some faulty neural pathways, and upgraded them to something “better than before”

I really cannot thank you enough. I’m sticking with the audio every day, and I can’t wait to send you a photo of me at the top of the Eiffel Tower!

Chris, 2021

I’ve always been a bit on the big side, and I’ve tried calorie-controlled diets in the past but always struggled with being left hungry at the end of my daily ration. After a scary doctor’s appointment when she made it perfectly clear that I needed to lose some weight, I searched online for possible solutions. I came across Bridget’s website and dropped her a line about the Virtual Gastric Band.

We arranged a meeting and I was impressed right from the off with Bridget’s honesty and general attitude towards me. I signed up there and then and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Her techniques make shedding the pounds so easy! In combination with getting more exercise, keeping hydrated and cutting out the snacks between meals that I used to thrive on,

I’m now 40lb lighter than I was when I first met Bridget in June this year (just under 5 months ago), and I feel absolutely fantastic on it. I’m so pleased with my progress, people are noticing my weight loss and complimenting me on it, and I owe it to Bridget’s methods. If you’re wanting to lose weight, I’d strongly recommend giving this a try. You won’t regret it!!

Andrew, 2021

Bridget has not only helped me to lose weight, she has instilled a confidence in me that I was missing and has given me the control I needed to overcome my addiction to food.

I would constantly think about what to eat next, what can I eat and what can’t I eat. I found that diet groups, that claim to be supportive of their members, were only making these ‘food thoughts’ worse and I was feeling anxious about what I could and couldn’t eat and guilty when I ate something that I wanted.

Bridget, through the virtual gastric band hypnosis, has erased all of that fear and guilt, made me see that it is ok to eat the food I want to eat and through my subconscious believing that my stomach is smaller, my portion sizes have naturally reduced dramatically.

I no longer feel hungry, like I have to snack between meals, and I no longer obsess about food as I can have whatever I want for my 3 meals a day and my body will now tell me when I’m full.

I was sceptical, but now I believe. I have just had my last session of hypnotherapy and I have already lost over 1 stone in weight, I feel more confident, energised and completely in control. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

I can’t thank Bridget enough for my new way of thinking. I would greatly recommend this program to anyone who feels like they’ve lost their way with food.

Natasha, 2021

My session to combat my fear of water has been amazing – even my swimming instructor commented on  the difference. I swam 6 widths of the pool last night unaided. It’s changed my life going forward. I can’t thank you enough!

Jean, 2021

I just wanted to let you know that there was just a spider in my bath and not only did I not panic or cry, I grabbed a shower gel bottle, picked it up, took it to the window and put it outside! It all happened really quickly and I couldn’t quite believe I did it! I didn’t even need to think about it too much. Never thought I’d ever be able to do that at all. It’s incredible. I did a little dance around the bathroom to celebrate haha! Thank you so so much.

Hayley, 2020

It’s been 15 months since I came to see you for my Virtual Gastric Band … just wanted to let you know that I have had the best summer ever.  I was able to wear to what I wanted to wear, rather than only being able to wear what fits or what covers up the bits I didn’t like.  I even wore shorts this year which is something my I haven’t done since being an adult!

I’m happy to say that weight is no longer something I obsess about.  At one time I was weighing myself half a dozen times a day, every day and then having the highs and lows of elation at losing a pound to the disappointment of regaining it.  What a waste of a life!

I don’t think I have lost anymore weight since I last saw you (got rid of the scales a year ago and haven’t looked back) but I know I could if I wanted to.  I am happy with the size I am and being able to feel good in my clothes is a life changer.

Katie, 2020

Just letting you know how well I am doing. I haven’t bought alcohol or had a drink on my own since starting this. I have even started to drink green tea and have bought a smoothie maker. Found myself drinking water on an evening.

I’ve had 2 occasions where I have been with friends. I drank a couple bottles of Budweiser and then asked for a cup of tea!

I feel amazing and alert. I definitely do not hold alcohol important in my life anymore. I can’t believe that I don’t even think about it! I never thought this day would come. I am still listening to your audio daily.

Yes please let people know that they also can gain back control of their lives with your help.

Rebecca, 2020

I have been dieting for 46 years!  I am au fait with every diet plan known to exist.  My weight has yo-yo’d up and down up for all those years and I have had a stone that has been stubborn to shift.  At 62 years old I decided that enough was enough.  I saw Bridget’s page and thought that that was a different approach and decided to investigate.

We met in the middle of March 2020 for my initial consultation, and I decided to proceed.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 barged right in, and, if I’m honest, I thought that due to social distancing I’d have to wait until goodness knew when to commence the therapy. However, Bridget suggested conducting our four therapy sessions online, in the comfort of my own surroundings, and assured me the results would be just as good as a face to face session.  I don’t do technology – Skype and Face Time isn’t for me –  so we decided to do it over the phone.  It was so easy – just put my headphones in, get comfortable and that’s it!

The timing was right for me to address my issues with dieting, and I’m so  pleased we went ahead and used the remote route – as in 7 weeks I have lost 10lbs!  I’ve dropped a dress size!

I’m not  hungry, I’m not counting calories, sins, fat, sugar or protein content.  I am eating normal food – oh my goodness – the joys of full fat yoghurt!!.

My husband is thrilled that finally, we are eating the same food together and I hadn’t realised how all my faddy food fiddling had impacted on him.

I am full of energy.  I feel confident and happier – yes happy – in my own skin, and that will only develop I imagine.  I am liberated from the shackles of dieting and look forward  to going forward. I am thrilled that coming out of lockdown (hopefully soon) I have not have gained weight, which, I know that if we hadn’t gone ahead, I most certainly would have done.

So some time has past….I almost feel like my brain has had a gentle reboot!.. I felt Bridget ‘got’ me and the cycle I’d been in for all these years. The financial pounds I’d spent at slimming clubs.. on ‘special’ foods.. just to loose a bit and then regain it and more.. The despair and guilt..

It’s like all that weight has been lifted now off my shoulders now. I feel content and yes.. in control.. Thank you!

Gaynor, 2020

I was spending a lot of money on gambling sites – money I couldn’t afford to lose. I knew it was way out of control but I just couldn’t stop. Even the thought that I was putting everything I cared about at risk wasn’t enough to make me stop.
Thankfully everything changed when I met Bridget. She helped me conquer my addiction once and for all, get me back on track and focused on the important things in life.
I’m now 6 months on and I’ve never looked back. I can’t recommend Bridget enough. She’s changed everything and given me back my life.

Martin, 2020

I am in my mid-forties and struggled with my weight since I was a teenager.  Over the years I have tried most diets and weight loss programmes.  I have lost some weight with most of them but found that I gained the weight back as a result of not continuing with the weight loss programme or plan either through boredom, inconvenience, feeling too hungry between meals, fed up of calorie counting, having to avoid ‘prohibited foods’, only allowed ‘treats’ etc etc.

Over the last 3 years I gained a lot of weight (3 stone).  I began to feel uncomfortable in my clothes and kept having to buy the next size up and then the next.  I started to feel unattractive, hated looking at myself in the mirror and generally not feeling good about myself.  As a consequence, I would eat anything and everything to make me feel better.  I knew this was only a temporary solution as I would instantly regret having eaten the type of food I had eaten (which was generally fatty, high calorie, unhealthy foods washed down with a large glass of wine).   I would then feel even worse and the cycle continued like this week after week, as did the weight gain.

It was not just the weight gain that made me feel bad but also the lethargy that came with it, the lack of motivation, the feeling of losing control of life and bit by bit losing the sense of me and not being happy.  I knew I needed to take some action as I felt I was on a downward spiral and things would continue to get worse both physically and in terms of my self-esteem and self-worth.

I saw an advert for Bridget’s services.  It sounded interesting but I was hesitant given it was ‘hypnotherapy’.  I was dubious about what the techniques would involve and whether I would feel safe and trust her to ‘take over the control of my mind’.  I noted that the advert invited me to call for a chat and then a free initial consultation.  This made me feel reassured that I would thereafter be in a position to decide if I was happy to proceed with the sessions.

I need not have worried!

I first spoke with Bridget on the telephone who discussed the issues I was having around food.  I found her manner to be warm, approachable and understanding.  I then arranged for the face to face consultation.  Bridget could not have been more pleasant.

During the first session we had a general discussion about food.  I was completely at ease with Bridget throughout this session. Having listened to what was involved and knowing that I wanted to commit to the programme I arranged my 1st session of hypnotherapy and went back to see Bridget a few days later.

The hypnotherapy was very relaxing.  There was nothing ‘scary’ about it. I was aware of my surroundings throughout but felt very relaxed.  Almost like the feeling you get when lying on a sunbed in the sunshine.  I know I was aware of what was being said to me during the hypnosis and I felt completely comfortable during the process.  After the session I felt as though I had been in a dream-like state and could only remember fragments of what had been said but I felt extremely relaxed.

Following the session I was given a pamphlet with some instructions for me to follow and also hypnotherapy recording for me to listen to on a daily basis at home.  The instructions were easy to follow and I found the hypnotherapy recording was every bit as relaxing as the initial hypnotherapy session.

I then returned for session 2 the following week, session 3 the week after then the final session 1 month after that.

The results by the end of week 7 were fantastic!

I had lost 22 pounds in weight eating whatever I had wanted to eat.  I was able to eat things you would be steered away from on regular diet plans.  But, having followed Bridget’s rules to the letter, the weight just came off.

What has been even better than the weight loss is the amount of energy I have got.  No more feeling as though I cannot be bothered or feeling tired or putting things off.  I can genuinely say that I feel so much happier, more positive and more confident.  I have not felt ‘so alive’ for literally years.  The feeling is amazing.

I would highly recommend Bridget to anyone who feels they really do want to change their life for a more positive one.  The weight-loss is impressive but so is the overall feel-good factor that has accompanied it!

Katie, 2019
Initially I was quite nervous about hypnotherapy as a method of dealing with my overeating as I didn’t know what to expect. I felt out of control around food and constantly thought about it, almost to the point of being obsessive. I would sometimes binge eat with snacks and crisps and then felt guilty and ashamed – which led to me eating more.

However, Bridget talked through what to expect from hypnotherapy and how to approach the process. I felt I was in safe hands and much more relaxed.

The whole experience for me has been, quite honestly, life changing!

It’s not that I don’t think about food, the difference is my attitude towards it. I don’t consciously think about eating all the time and feel in control around food for the first time in my life.

I now think consciously about my meals and what I might enjoy. I also eat less, and when I start to feel full, I just stop eating – this was something I have always struggled with. I also feel more confident generally which has been an added bonus!

I would strongly recommend Bridget and hypnotherapy to anyone as a way to deal with food issues.

Linda, 2019

I was suffering very badly from anxiety when I saw Bridget.  Today I’ve been to my GP for a blood test and she was amazed at the change in me.  I was smiling and even laughing!  The difference is incredible.  I’ve still got a way to go but I’m not suffering every day.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m looking forward to the future.

Eddy, 2019

I’ve been overweight for years! and finally made the best decision of my life in June 2017 when I booked an appointment with Bridget Freer. Bridget, a clinical hypnotherapist, hypnotised me into thinking I had a gastric band fitted (virtual gastric band). It was clearly explained that it wasn’t a diet, could eat what I wanted but in small portions. I still ate chocolate and takeaways etc but because they weren’t ‘banned’ I didn’t yearn for them any more.

I lost 5 stone in 6 months (including Xmas period). My virtual gastric band has changed my life completely unlike the many failed diets and weight loss clubs I’ve tried. No food regimes, salads and weekly meal preparations which allowed me to continue my normal lifestyle whilst losing weight at the same time. It’s the easiest 5 stone I’ve ever lost and recommend it to anyone and everyone wanting to change their life.

Anita, 2019

I was feeling at a very low point in my life when I contacted Bridget. I had no confidence whatsoever and was struggling with my weight and fitness. Meeting Bridget has changed my life completely. My confidence has soared and my whole attitude towards food has changed. I can now walk into a shop and not even look at the chocolate bars or snacks that would once be in my basket. After 3 months and 2 dress sizes down I decided to ask Bridget for help with my unhealthy smoking habit. I was constantly breathless and coughing. From that one hypnosis session I have not touched another cigarette.

I still listen to Bridget’s CD every single day as it is so relaxing and is my little bit of ‘me time’. No longer are food and cigarettes making me miserable and unhealthy. Without Bridget’s help there is no way I would be feeling the way I do today. I have my life back and for that I can’t thank Bridget enough. Thank you so much. I am one very happy customer!

Tina, 2018

When I first contacted Bridget I had around a stone of weight that I wanted to lose. A gastric band, even a hypnotic one, seemed a bit out of proportion with my goal and I was sceptical that it would work but decided to give it a go as I was desperate. I’ve struggled with the same stone for most of my adult life, losing a few pounds and putting them back on again repeatedly. I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t seem to get that part of my life under control and weight, food and my appearance occupied my thoughts almost constantly. Following the sessions, which were really relaxing, I’ve lost 9lbs (and still losing) but much more than that I now have a normal relationship with food. I no longer obsess, I haven’t binged on whatever I can find in the cupboards since I started the process and I feel so much more relaxed about the process of losing weight. I’m confident that the remaining few pounds will come off and I don’t need to lose them all this week which would’ve been my attitude previously. I can’t thank Bridget enough and would encourage anyone, regardless of the amount of weight you have to lose, to give it a go. It’s been an entirely positive experience for me!

Vikki, 2018

I first visited Bridget in May 2017 feeling rock bottom over my weight and fitness. My weight increased after I lost my eldest son suddenly in October 2014. I turned to food for comfort and felt out of control. I had tried slimming clubs and although the first time round I was successful I found that as soon as I stopped going my weight went back on and more! I became obsessed with food and thought about what I was going to eat next all the time. However since I had my sessions with Bridget I feel much more in control and am no longer turning to food for comfort. I also became more motivated and re-joined Zumba classes and started running for the first time in my life. I would like to thank Bridget for all the support. I listen to her CD daily – it’s just part of my everyday routine now and I intend to see her maybe two or three times a year.

Janet, 2018

From the moment I had this hypnosis, my head and body changed. I immediately adopted the attitude that food does not define me. Food is not something to be used for any occasion, ie: celebration, social function, depression, etc. Previously I used to think that food was necessary to ‘fill in the gaps of time’ when I had nothing else to do. To sit and eat a bag of nuts, or a packet of biscuits every evening was the norm. My head issues, as a result of family upset, meant that I also used treats to ‘cheer myself up’. My thinking was totally incorrect, and I needed to address my head and body as a whole. I have spent hundreds of pounds on slimming clubs, slimming aids, and crackpot diets. Everything has now changed. Because the hypnosis reaches a part of the brain that controls the unconscious thoughts, it immediately re-programmed my attitude to food. From the first day, I began to eat only what my body needs. Each meal has become the ‘event’, and I savour every mouthful. I take my time eating a small plateful of food, which is adequate to keep my body going. Every day, I have been eating only what is required, and having lovely delicious food.. I only eat 3 small meals and nothing more. I do not have the ‘diet mentality’ any more. I am satisfied and do not require any snacks in between meals. I no longer go to bed hungry and have stopped the fridge-raiding in the small hours. I do not deprive myself of things I like, but I don’t overindulge. Of course, all of this has been concentrating on safe weight-loss, but the bigger picture is that my general mental health has improved to the point where I am no longer allowing myself to be consumed by anger, or sadness. My confidence in myself means that I feel able to brush away the minutiae that used to clog my head, and bring me down. I wake up each day, feeling that I can take on any challenge presented. It does not mean that personal or family issues do not exist, but my ability to deal with them has changed. I am physically fitter, healthier and happier in an all-round way. The change in the brain regarding attitude to food, means that the weight-loss is almost a very happy bi-product. Getting a healthy mind is the key to the start of weight loss, not just the eating regime. My energy levels have increased, so therefore exercise is easier and much more enjoyable. The most amazing success has been buying clothes 3 sizes smaller. I can browse the clothing section looking at only the smaller sizes, confident that they will fit me. The Virtual Gastric Band has been the best thing I have done in my quest for a better body and mind. I would thoroughly recommend this hypnosis to anyone with weight issues. As long as one embraces the whole package of principles and follows them, success is guaranteed. This is my blueprint for the rest of my life. Thanks to Bridget Freer, I am enjoying life!

Julie, 2017

Just a short message to say thank you.  I was petrified of flying before and dreaded going away. This time I had a lovely holiday without any stress or anxiety.

Vicky, 2017

I’ve been frightened of flying for as long as I can remember but this time I loved the flight. I can’t wait to go again. Thank you so much. You have changed my life!

Yvonne, 2017

Back from holiday and had a fantastic time! Thanks to you helping me out with my fear of heights and anxiety of flying I was able to relax and overcome my fears. For the first time ever I was able to stand up and move about the plane and even use the bathroom. Something in over 100 flights I have never been able to do. I am also no longer afraid of heights and keep showing off to my family and friends how daring I’ve become. Think they’re getting fed up of me now! This is all thanks to you! I shall certainly recommend you to everyone and I am proof that hypnotherapy really works!

June, 2017

Before I came to see you I had a very negative relationship with food, I would eat without thinking and not know when to stop, it was like I was on a personal path of destruction. Since my sessions with you and with the help of the techniques you advised in between and after sessions I now feel that I am in control of food instead of food being in control of me. I can walk out of a shop without feeling like I need to by a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps. For that alone I would like to thank you, I have changed to a positive path now and look forward to a healthier future.

Samantha, 2017

After 15 years of trying every diet under the sun and repeatedly losing, gaining weight, feeling bad, good, bad, I went to Bridget after a friend recommended her. After 7 weeks I have so far lost 29lbs and have not once felt restricted or ‘bad’ or even as though I am on a diet. This is because I’m not. I just think differently, act differently and thanks to Bridget have a completely new attitude towards food. I can not thank her enough and am one very happy customer.

Jo, 2016

After many years of putting on weight with failed attempts of dieting, and my love of everything = sweets, chocolate, cakes, crisps and very large portions at meal times. I was tired, out of breath and had no energy or self motivation. I had reached a size 20 and weighed nearly 13 stone. I felt horrible and unhappy with how I looked. Enough was enough and things had to change. I saw an advert for weight loss via the Virtual Gastric Band and decided to ring and make an appointment with Bridget. My first meeting with Bridget went well, she explained everything to me and after chatting about it I knew I wanted to give it a go and booked my first session. The hypnosis was calming and relaxing and I went away with a set of rules and a CD to listen to every day. For the first time ever I felt motivated and positive. I did everything I was asked, three small meals a day, drink plenty of water and exercise. I dusted off my bike and started cycling. I found it so easy to do that it made me stick to it. The weight began to fall off and I started to love myself again, I felt fantastic. In just two months I had lost two stone and have dropped two dress sizes. I am now a size 16 and loving the new me. The support and encouragement from Bridget keeps me focused and I couldn’t have done it without her – she has given me my life back. I would recommend this to everyone; my friend’s are amazed at my new figure!

Jess, 2015